Title: X-Man, Issue: 2

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 

Page Count: PgCount

Cover Pencils: Steve Skroce, Cover Inks: ?

Story Inks: Mike Sellers; Scott Hanna; Bud LaRosa; Kevin Conrad, Story Script: Jeph Loeb, Story Pencils: Steve Skroce, Story Colors: Mike Thomas; Digital Chameleon (Separations), Story Letters: Richard Starkings; Comicraft

Genre: superhero

Characters: X-Man [Nate Grey]; GUESTS: Forge; Mastermind; Brute [Sunder]; Toad; Soaron [Sauron]; Sonique [Siryn]; VILLAINS: Essex [Mr. Sinister]; Domino; Grizzly; Caliban; Rossovich [Omega Red; Death]; Madri; Infinites; CAMEO: Magneto



This data was obtained from the copyright holder, Grand Comics Database. The data is used and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The data has been modified from its original form, which can be found here.

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