What happens when I order a 9.8 Pre-Sale?

Please allow 2-3 Months after ordering for a CGC 9.8. In the case of widespread print damages, these may be refunded. 


What happened to the lettermail shipping option?

In light of COVID-19, we have suspended lettermail as an option. This allows us to leave our isolation less often. As well, we anticipate Canada Post delays and would prefer to have tracking on all orders for peace of mind.

What does "Hold Box" mean?

Choosing "hold" at checkout means we will not ship your books. The order will be marked fulfilled when the books are pulled from our inventory and placed in a hold box for you.

How do I ship the books I have on hold?

When you wish to ship your hold box, check out with this free item (http://bit.ly/shipmyholds) in your cart and we will email you a shipping invoice.

Can I pickup my books?

Yes! Pickup is available in Brantford.  Additionally, we bring our hold boxes to the Toronto Comic Book Show, so you can pickup from there as well.

What are "PULL LIST" Items?

Pull List items are dummy "products" listed to invoice our pull list customers. They are not physical products and are not for sale. They should not be visible, but in the event of an error, they occasionally populate. If you place an order for a Pull List item, you will be refunded.

What happens when I buy a consignment item?

Books listed as Consignment are in our hands and can ship with any other items. The Guardian Collection of CGC books are consigned and are the only exception to this rule. They can usually be combined with other items, but it is not guaranteed. Shipping on these books is not charged at checkout, rather invoiced after. 

Does my order come bagged and boarded?

Yes! Every book is re-bagged and boarded with Comic Pro Line 2mil Crystal Clear OPP bags!

How much are your shipping rates?

Our shipping rates can be found here: http://bit.ly/CaptCanShip. Once you reach a large box, there are no additional shipping charges regardless of how many books you have.

How long until my package ships? 

We ship packages daily. Large quantities of orders may extend handling time. We will update any significant delays on our Facebook (http://bit.ly/CaptCanFB).

How will my books be shipped?

Letter packages are packed using manila envelopes and a firm foam board sandwich. Boxed packages are secured with bubble wrap and packaging paper. Packages within Canada are sent as Expedited Parcels (1 to 11 days). 

How can I tell condition?

Please use the provided scans to see the condition of the book. Notes of difficult to spot or hidden flaws can be found in the product description. If you would like to know specific information, please reach out. 

Are these stock photos?

No, these are all images of the items we have scanned. In the case of low value, (typically modern) and similar condition books with multiples in stock, the scan provided reflects the lowest grade copy of the copies you may receive.