We do our best to adhere to common grading standards.  We use the following grades to denote condition.

We will provide grades for books over $20 upon request. Please note we are extremely busy and cannot always immediately respond to these requests. We will retroactively be adding grades to books in stock valued at over $20.

 9.6        NM+     Near Mint+

 9.4        NM       Near Mint

 9.2        NM-     Near Mint-

 9.0        VF/NM Very Fine/Near Mint

 8.5        VF+       Very Fine+

 8.0        VF         Very Fine

 7.5        VF-       Very Fine-

 7.0        FN/VF  Fine/Very Fine

 6.5        FN+      Fine+

 6.0        FN         Fine

 5.5        FN-       Fine-

 5.0        VG/FN Very Good/Fine

 4.5        VG+      Very Good+

 4.0        VG        Very Good

 3.5        VG-       Very Good-

 3.0        GD/VG Good/Very Good

 2.5        GD+      Good+

 2.0        GD        Good

 1.8        GD-      Good-

 1.5        FR/GD  Fair/Good

 1.0        FR         Fair

 0.5        PR         Poor