JSA: Classified 3
JSA: Classified 3

JSA: Classified 3

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JSA: Classified 3

Title: , Issue: 3

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 21 Sep 2005

Page Count: 44

Cover Pencils: Amanda Conner (signed), Cover Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti (signed)

Story Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Amanda Conner, Story Colors: Paul Mounts, Story Letters: Rob Leigh

Genre: superhero

Characters: Power Girl [Karen Starr]; Huntress [Helena Bertinelli]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Mister Terrific [Michael Holt]; Houngan [Jean-Louis Droo]; Plasmus [Otto Von Furth]; Mr. Bones; Psycho-Pirate [Roger Hayden]; Crime Syndicate [Ultraman; Owlman; Superwoman; Johnny Quick; Power Ring]; Superboy [Kon-El] (as an adult); Wonder Girl [Cassie Sandsmark] (as an adult); Captain Marvel; Luma Lynai; Nightwing (Kandorian); Flamebird (Kandorian); Lex Luthor


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