The Legion 18
The Legion 18

The Legion 18

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The Legion 18

Title: , Issue: 18

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 26 Mar 2003

Page Count: 44

Cover Pencils: Kev Walker (signed), Cover Inks: Kev Walker (signed)

Story Inks: Andy Lanning; Simon Coleby, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Alejandro Barrionuevo, Story Colors: Jason Wright; Digital Chameleon (separations), Story Letters: Comicraft

Genre: Superhero

Characters: Legion of Super-Heroes [Star Boy; Invisible Kid [Lyle Norg]; Brainiac 5; M'Onel; Kid Quantum [Jazmin Cullen]; Shikari; Kinetix; Gates; Gear; Spark; Violet; Timber Wolf; Apparition; Chameleon; Ultra Boy; Wildfire; Triad; Chuck Taine; Chameleon; Sensor; XS]; Ra's al Ghul; Dr. Gym'll; Insect Queen [Lonna Leing]; Atmos


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