Superboy Vol 1 223
Superboy Vol 1 223

Superboy Vol 1 223

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Superboy Vol 1 223

Title: , Vol: Vol 1, Issue: 223, Variant: 1

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 19 Oct 1976

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Mike Grell, Cover Inks: Mike Grell

Story Inks: Bob Wiacek, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Mike Grell, Story Colors: ?, Story Letters: ?

Genre: superhero

Characters: Legion of Super-Heroes [Superboy; Chameleon Boy; Karate Kid; Saturn Girl; Sun Boy; Lightning Lad; Princess Projectra (cameo); Shadow Lass (cameo); Star Boy (cameo)]; Time-Trapper; Pulsar Stargrave (intro); Quicksand (intro); Holdur (intro)


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