Planet Comics 41 Hebert Cover Recreation Reprint

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This book is an EXCLUSIVE Golden Age Cover Recreation Reprint by artist John Hebert! These Golden Age Tributes are published by MBartist with a limited print run of 500 each. These books are Golden Age sized and are printed on high quality paper stock. Each issue contains 16 page of reprints from the original book.
The classic PLANET COMICS #41 cover (1946 Joe Doolin) reimagined. “I'm terrified of snakes. G. Gordon Liddy was afraid of rats so he ate one! I had to recreate this cover. The girl on the table was a personal challenge. I had only done one other. Now I know it wasn't a fluke." – John Hebert
Four of today’s pop artists travel back in time to reimagine classic covers from the Planet Comics series (Vol 1. 1940 - 1953) that blazed the trail for modern science fiction fandom. These classic pulp floppies celebrated the wonder and mysteries of space and time with operatic tales of exploration and technology. Stories typically featured muscular, heroic adventurer protagonists, quick with their "ray pistols" and always running into gorgeous damsels with long bare legs in need of rescuing from bug-eyed space aliens or fiendish interstellar scoundrels and villains, against a backdrop of action and destruction.

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