What If? 32 VF/NM
What If? 32 VF/NM

What If? 32 VF/NM

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What If? 32 VF/NM



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Title: What If?, Issue: 32, Variant:

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 19 Jan 1982

Page Count: 52

Cover Pencils: Bob Layton (signed), Cover Inks: Joe Rubinstein (signed)

Story Inks: Rick Magyar (Arishem, Universal Armada); Jack Abel (the Avengers; Grandmaster, Korvac: Energy, Thor); Alan Kupperberg (Badoon); Joe Rubinstein [as Josef Rubinstein] (Captain America, Captain Marvel, Korvac: Ultimate, Watchers); Vince Colletta (Carina); Walter Simonson (Chaos, Order); Terry Austin (Collector); Jim Starlin? [as Himself] (Death); Alan Weiss (Doctor Strange); Mark Gruenwald (Eternity); Rick Bryant (Gardener); Bob Wiacek (Godheads, Stranger); Bob Layton (Galactus, Hercules, Iron Man, Korvac: Human); Al Milgrom (Guardians of the Galaxy, In-Betweener, Starhawk); Larry Hama (High Evolutionary); John Tartaglione (Humanity); Klaus Janson (Immortus); Herb Trimpe (Jocasta); Marie Severin (Living Tribunal); Frank Miller (Moondragon); John Romita (Ms. Marvel); Frank Giacoia (Odin); Dave Cockrum (Phoenix); Steve Mitchell (Shaper of Worlds); Ron Wilson (Silver Surfer); Dave Simons (Vision, Wonder Man); John Byrne (Zeus), Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Mark Gruenwald (layouts); Greg LaRocque ("finished art"); various ("embellishment"), Story Letters: Rick Parker

Genre: superhero

Characters: Arishem (Celestial); the Avengers [the Beast; the Black Widow; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Hawkeye; Hercules; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Jocasta; Moondragon; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]; Quicksilver; the Scarlet Witch; Thor; the Vision; the Wasp; Wonder Man; Yellowjacket [Henry Pym]]; Badoon (flashback); Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell]; Carina Walters; the Collector (flashback); Death; Dr. Strange; Eternity; Galactus; the Gardener; the Grandmaster; the Guardians of the Galaxy [Charlie-27; Martinex; Nikki; Starhawk; Yondu]; the High Evolutionary; Immortus; the In-Betweener; Korvac [Michael]; the Living Tribunal; Lord Chaos; Master Order; Mephisto; Odin; Phoenix [Jean Grey]; the Shaper of Worlds; the Silver Surfer; the Stranger; the Watcher (story host); Watchers; Zeus


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