Secret Wars II 4
Secret Wars II 4

Secret Wars II 4

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Secret Wars II 4

Title: , Issue: 4

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 16 Jul 1985

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Al Milgrom, Cover Inks: ?

Story Inks: Joe Rubinstein;Steve Leialoha, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Al Milgrom, Story Colors: , Story Letters: Joe Rosen

Genre: superhero

Characters: Alpha Flight [Aurora; Box; Heather Hudson; Northstar; Puck; Shaman; Snowbird; Talisman]; the Avengers [the Black Knight [Dane Whitman]; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Captain Marvel [Monica Rambeau]; Hercules; Starfox; the Wasp](all illusions); the Beyonder; Dazzler; the Molecule Man; Sharon Ing; Brandy Clark (cameo); Cindy Adams (cameo); a Dire Wraith (cameo); Kurse [Algrim the Elf] (cameo); O.Z. Chase (cameo); President Ronald Reagan (cameo); Rom (cameo); the Silver Surfer (cameo); the Thing (cameo); Volcana (cameo)


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