Wolverine & the X-Men Vol 1 11

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Title: Wolverine & the X-Men, Vol:  Vol 1, Issue: 11, Variant: 

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 30 May 2012

Page Count: 32

Cover Pencils: Nick Bradshaw, Cover Inks: Nick Bradshaw

Story Inks: Nick Bradshaw; Walden Wong; Norman Lee, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Nick Bradshaw, Story Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Genre: Superhero

Characters: Warbird; Kid Gladiator; Giant-Man [Henry Pym]; Captain America; Magik; Gambit; Warpath; Thing; Sunspot; Namor the Sub-Mariner; Luke Cage; Dazzler; Spider-Woman; Spider-Man; Colossus; Angel; Hawkeye; Iceman; Doctor Strange; Psylocke; Storm; Iron Fist; Rachel Grey; Black Panther; Black Widow; Hulk [General Ross]; Doctor Nemesis; Shi'ar Death Commandos [Flaw; Colony; Krait; Shell; Offset]; Wolverine; Hope Summers; Magneto; Magma; Quicksilver; Phoenix Force; Kitty Pryde; Lockheed; Rockslide; Match; Anole; Idie Okonkwo; Quentin Quire; Glob Herman; Gladiator



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