The Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe 11

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Title: The Marvel Saga the Official History of the Marvel Universe, Issue: 11, Variant: 

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 30 Dec 1899

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Keith Pollard, Cover Inks: Al Williamson

Story Inks: Arvell Jones; Al Williamson; Paul Reinman; Tom Palmer; Dick Ayers; John Beatty; Steve Leialoha; George Roussos; John Tartaglione; Bruce Patterson, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Jack Kirby; Steve Ditko; Don Heck; John Buscema; John Romita Jr.; Al Milgrom; Bob Hall, Story Letters: ?

Genre: superhero

Characters: X-Men [Cyclops; Marvel Girl; Angel; Iceman; Beast; Professor X]; Magneto; Avengers [Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Giant-Man [Hank Pym]; Wasp; Hulk [Bruce Banner]; Thor [Donald Blake]]; Jack Frost [Gregor Shapanka]; Pepper Potts; Happy Hogan; Jane Foster; Molto the Lava Man; Odin; Loki; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Girl; the Thing; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]]; Pharaoh Rama-Tut; Scarlet Centurion; Kang the Conqueror; Immortus; Cobra; Vanisher; Rick Jones; Space Phantom; the Watcher; Molecule Man; Beyonder; Mister Doll; Hate Monger [Adolf Hitler]; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Vulture; Nick Fury; Howling Commandos [Dum Dum Dugan; Gabe Jones; Percival Pinkerton; Rebel Ralston; Dino Manelli; Izzy Cohen]; Baron Wolfgang von Strucker; Namor the Sub-Mariner; Arnim Zola



This data was obtained from the copyright holder, Grand Comics Database. The data is used and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The data has been modified from its original form, which can be found here.

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