Identity Crisis 1 2nd Print

DCSKU: OCT11.21-215



Title: Identity Crisis, Issue: 1, Variant: 2nd Print

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 09 Jun 2004

Page Count: 52

Cover Pencils: Michael Turner (signed), Cover Inks: Aspen Studios

Story Inks: Michael Bair, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Rags Morales, Story Letters: Ken Lopez

Genre: superhero

Characters: Atom [Ray Palmer]; Black Canary [Dinah Lance]; Elongated Man [Ralph Dibny]; Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Zatanna; Sue Dibny; Black Lightning [Jefferson Pierce]; Firehawk [Lorainne Reilly]; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Jean Loring; Jonathan Kent; Katana; Martha Kent; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Oracle [Barbara Gordon]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Wonder Woman [Diana]; Bolt; Calculator; Cameos -- Adam Strange; Animal Man [Buddy Baker]; Aquaman [Arthur Curry; Orin]; Arsenal [Roy Harper]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Beast Boy [Garfield Logan]; Big Barda; Black Condor [Ryan Kendall]; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Booster Gold; Captain Atom; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Commissioner James Gordon; Cyborg [Vic Stone]; Doctor Fate [Hector Hall]; Doctor Mid-Nite [Pieter Cross]; Ellen Baker; Firestorm [Ronnie Raymond]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Flash [Barry Allen]; Flash [Wally West]; Gold; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Green Lantern [Guy Gardner]; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]; Gypsy; Hamilton Drew; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders]; J'Onn J'Onzz; Jack Drake; Jack Knight; Jade [Jenni-Lynn Hayden]; Jimmy Olsen; Kid Flash [Bart Allen]; Lead; Lois Lane; Mary Marvel [Mary Batson]; Metamorpho [Rex Mason]; Mister Miracle [Scott Free]; Mister Terrific [Michael Holt]; Oberon; Power Girl; Ray [Ray Terrill]; Red Tornado [John Smith]; Snapper Carr; Stargirl [Courtney Whitmore]; Tasmanian Devil; Tempest [Garth]; Vixen



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