Time Masters: Vanishing Point 6

DCSKU: OCT11.21-236



Title: Time Masters: Vanishing Point, Issue: 6, Variant: 

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 02 Feb 2011

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Dan Jurgens (signed), Cover Inks: Norm Rapmund (signed)

Story Inks: Norm Rapmund, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Dan Jurgens, Story Letters: Travis Lanham

Genre: superhero

Characters: Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Booster Gold [Michael Jon Carter]; Skeets; Goldstar [Michelle Carter]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Rip Hunter; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Supernova [Michael Jon Carter]; Mrs. Carter (first appearance, Rip's mother); Linear Men [Matthew Ryder; Liri Lee]; Waverider [Matthew Ryder] (corpse); Anthro (cameo); Claw [Valcan Scaramax] (cameo); Enemy Ace [Hans von Hammer] (cameo); Flash [Jay Garrick] (cameo); Green Lantern [Alan Scott] (cameo); Sgt. Rock (cameo); Wonder Woman [Diana Prince] (cameo); Black Beetle (villain); Reverse-Flash [Professor Zoom; Eobard Thawne] (villain); Darkseid (villain)



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