Crisis on Infinite Earths 3 Canadian FN-

DCSKU: OCT5.21-779



Title: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Issue: 3, Variant: Canadian

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 12 Feb 1985

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: George Pérez [as Guess Who?] (signed), Cover Inks: George Pérez [as Guess Who?] (signed)

Story Inks: Dick Giordano (credited); Mike DeCarlo (credited), Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: George Pérez (credited), Story Letters: John Costanza (credited)

Genre: superhero

Characters: New Teen Titans [Jericho; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Kole; Changeling [Gar Logan]; Cyborg [Victor Stone]]; The Outsiders [Halo; Metamorpho; Katana; Black Lightning; Geo-Force]; The Losers [Gunner; Sarge; Johnny Cloud; Captain Storm] (all die); Easy Company [Sgt. Rock; Wildman; Bulldozer; Four-Eyes; Farmer Boy; Little Sure Shot; Jackie Johnson; Ice Cream Soldier; Flower (dies)]; Legion of Super-Heroes [Wildfire [Drake Burroughs]; Sun Boy [Dirk Morgana]; Lightning Lass [Ayla Ranzz]; Cosmic Boy [Rokk Krinn]; Dream Girl [Nura Nal]; Brainiac 5 [Querl Dox]; Element Lad [Jan Arrah]; Mon-El [Lar Gand]; Kid Psycho (dies); Dawnstar]; Flash [Barry Allen]; Superman (Earth-1); Batman (Earth-1); Firestorm; The Monitor; Alexander Luthor Jr.; Harbinger [Lyla Michaels]; Psycho-Pirate [Roger Hayden]; Brainiac; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Haunted Tank; Lt. Jeb Stuart; Dr. Polaris; Superman [Kal-L] (Earth-2); King Solovar; Kamandi; Bat Lash; Scalphunter; Jonah Hex; Nighthawk; Johnny Thunder (Earth-1, Western hero); Psimon [Simon Jones]; Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Killer Frost [Louise Lincoln]; Anti-Monitor (voice and in shadow); Anti-Monitor's shadow demons (villains)



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