Checkmate 18

DCSKU: OCT8.21-1109



Title: Checkmate, Issue: 18, Variant: 

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 27 Apr 1989

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Gil Kane (signed), Cover Inks: Gil Kane (signed)

Story Inks: Al Vey, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Steve Erwin, Story Letters: Gaspar Saladino

Genre: spy; superhero

Characters: Checkmate [Harry Stein; Harvey Bullock; Black Thorn [Elizabeth Thorne]; Checkmate Knight [Gary Washington]; Checkmate Knights]; Valentina Vostok; Amanda Waller; Suicide Squad [Bronze Tiger [Ben Turner]; Captain Boomerang [George Harkness; also as Digger]; Duchess [Lashina]; Dr. Light [Arthur Light]; Jewelee; Nightshade [Eve Eden]; Punch; Ravan; Shade, the Changing Man [Rac Shade]; Vixen [Mari McCabe]]; Peacemaker [Chris Smith]; Manhunter [Mark Shaw]; Firestorm [Ronnie Raymond; Mikhail Arkadin; Svarozhich]; Major Force [Clifford Zmeck]; Lois Lane; Dr. Heinrich Megala; Babylon; Captain Atom [Nathaniel Adam]; Sarge Steel; General Wade Eiling; Force of July [Lady Liberty; Silent Majority]; Flo Crawley; Briscoe; J. Dansfield Kale; President George Bush; VILLAINS: Kobra; Blackadders; Dr. Valland



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