Fantastic Four Vol 4 5.AU
Fantastic Four Vol 4 5.AU

Fantastic Four Vol 4 5.AU

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Fantastic Four Vol 4 5.AU

Title: , Vol: Vol 4, Issue: 5.AU, Variant: 4

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 13 Mar 2013

Page Count: 32

Cover Pencils: Mark Bagley, Cover Inks: Mark Farmer

Story Inks: Mark Farmer, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Mark Bagley, Story Colors: Paul Mounts, Story Letters: Clayton Cowles

Genre: superhero; science fiction

Characters: Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Invisible Woman [Sue Storm Richards]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Thing [Ben Grimm]; Franklin Richards; Valeria Richards; Julius Caesar; Brutus; Cacus


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