CaptCan Cash Rewards

CaptCan Cash is a great way to save on new books by buying Back Issues! For every dollar you spend on our website you will earn 1 CaptCan Cash. CaptCan Cash can then be redeemed for savings on our Pre-Sales or for a Free Pressing! 

How Do I Sign Up To Earn CaptCan Cash?

Signing up is easy! Just create an account and then click the rewards tab on the bottom right corner of your screen! Then start buying all the comics you need to complete your collection! If you need a hand check out our super easy 5 step guide below for our website, or scroll down for the app guide!

CaptCan Cash Earnings

RewardCaptCan Cash Required
$5 off Pre-Sales50
$10 off Pre-Sales100
$15 off Pre-Sales150
Free Pressing ($1-$999 Book Value)150
$20 off Pre-Sales200
$25 off Pre-Sales250