Jack of Fables 27-DC-CaptCan Comics Inc
Jack of Fables 27-DC-CaptCan Comics Inc

Jack of Fables 27

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Jack of Fables 27



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Title: Jack of Fables, Issue: 27, Variant:

Publisher: 2008-10-29

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Page Count: PgCount

Cover Pencils: Brian Bolland (signed), Cover Inks: Brian Bolland (signed)

Story Inks: Jose Marzan Jr., Story Script: Bill Willingham; Matthew Sturges, Story Pencils: Bill Willingham; Matthew Sturges, Story Colors: Russ Braun, Story Letters: Todd Klein

Genre: adventure; fantasy

Characters: Hillary Page; Eliza Wall; Priscilla Page; Robin Page; Mr. Revise; Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, cameo); Jack of Fables; Omar the Camel; Bookburner; Humpty Dumpty; Gary [Pathetic Fallacy]; Mad Hatter; March Hare; Mother Goose; Tinman (from Wizard of Oz, cameo); Dormouse; Lady Luck; Goldilocks; Joe; Thorn; Paul Bunyan; Babe the Blue Ox; Raven; Knifejohns; Dex [Deus Ex Machina]; Little Lindsay Lariat; Man O' Fruit; Lindy-Lou the Pragmatic Cat; Metzger Moose; The Comanche Skeleton; The Mysterious Hornswaggle; Sam; The Three Wall Brothers


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