X-Men Annual Vol 1 15
X-Men Annual Vol 1 15

X-Men Annual Vol 1 15

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X-Men Annual Vol 1 15



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Title: X-Men Annual, Vol: Vol 1, Issue: 15, Variant:

Publisher: Marvel

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Page Count: PgCount

Cover Pencils: Mike Mignola (signed), Cover Inks: Mike Mignola (signed)

Story Inks: Joe Rubinstein; Art Nichols [as & co.]; ? [as & co.], Story Script: Fabian Nicieza, Story Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Story Colors: Tom Raney, Story Letters: Joe Rosen

Genre: superhero

Characters: Muir Isle X-Men [Moira MacTaggert; Multiple Man; Siryn; Polaris; Legion]; GUESTS: X-Force [Cable; Domino; Cannonball; Boom Boom [Tabitha Smith]; Shatterstar; Feral; Warpath]; New Warriors [Namorita; Marvel Boy [Vance Astro]; Chord; Night Thrasher; Silhouette; Speedball; Firestar; Nova [Richard Rider]]; VILLAINS: Piecemeal; Harness; Gideon; Toad; Proteus; Shadow King; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Wolverine; Colossus; CAMEO: Alysande Stuart


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