House of X 6 Camuncoli Variant
House of X 6 Camuncoli Variant

House of X 6 Camuncoli Variant

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House of X 6 Camuncoli Variant



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Title: House of X / Powers of X Free Previews, Issue: 6, Variant: Camuncoli Variant

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 02 Oct 2019

Page Count: 52

Cover Pencils: Pepe Larraz (signed, credited), Cover Inks: Pepe Larraz (signed, credited)

Story Inks: Pepe Larraz, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Pepe Larraz, Story Letters: Clayton Cowles; Virtual Calligraphy

Genre: superhero

Characters: Moira McTaggert; Magneto [Eric Lehnsherr]; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; Storm [Ororo Munroe]; Jean Grey; Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner]; Mystique [Raven Darkholm]; White Queen [Emma Frost]; Apocalypse [En Sabah Nur]; Mister Sinister [Nathaniel Essex]; Exodus [Bennet du Paris]; Sebastian Shaw; Cypher [Doug Ramsey]; Krakoa; Sabretooth [Victor Creed]; Banshee [Sean Cassidy]; Syren [Theresa Cassidy]; Dazzler [Alison Blaire]; Archangel [Warren Worthington III]; Iceman [Bobby Drake]; Beast [Hank McCoy];Wolverine [Logan]; Gorgon [Tomi Shishido]; Havoc [Alex Summers]; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Black Panther; Invisible Woman [Sue Storm]; Mister Fantastic [Reed Richards]; The Thing [Ben Grimm]; Human Torch [Jonnhy Storm]; Omega [Karima Shapandar]; Doctor Gregor Stepforc Cuckoos (three, unnamed); Beast [Hank McCoy]; Trinary; Archangel [Warren Worthington III]; Husk [Paige Guthrie]; M [Monet Saint Croix]; Wolverine [Logan]; Captain Moore


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