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Please note; books per box are approximations! Ordering larger items such as Graded Books, Trade Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Omnibus', or Magazines can count as more than 1 book! Graded Comics will automatically qualify for a minimum Large Box and Magazines will automatically qualify for a minimum Medium Box. Oversized books (example: Squarebounds, Anniversary Issues, and 100 Page Giants, etc) will count as more than 1 book!

Save on shipping by using our Hold Box option! Select "hold" as your shipping method at checkout for as many orders as you would like! To ship your hold box, checkout with the free Ship My Hold Box item. It will print on our end and prompt us to pull your hold box and invoice you the corresponding shipping charge. If you have more than 150 books, or oversized items that require multiple shipments, you will be billed for each box.