X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 2
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 2

X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 2

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X-Men: Emperor Vulcan 2

Title: , Issue: 2

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 30 Dec 1899

Page Count: 36

Cover Pencils: Billy Tan, Cover Inks: Danny Miki; Allen Martinez

Story Inks: Vicente Cifuentes, Story Script: , Story Pencils: Paco Diaz Luque, Story Colors: Brian Reber, Story Letters: Virtual Calligraphy; Joe Caramagna

Genre: superhero

Characters: Starjammers [Havok; Polaris; Marvel Girl [Rachel Grey]; Raza; Ch'od; Korvus]; GUESTS: Lilandra; Ka'ardum; VILLAINS: Vulcan; Deathbird; Araki; Gladiator; Sky'ar Tal; CAMEOS: Imperial Guard [Oracle; Starbolt; Titan; Nightside; Manta; Warstar]


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