JSA vs. Kobra 4-DC-CaptCan Comics Inc
JSA vs. Kobra 4-DC-CaptCan Comics Inc

JSA vs. Kobra 4

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JSA vs. Kobra 4



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Title: JSA vs. Kobra, Issue: 4, Variant:

Publisher: 2009-09-16

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Page Count: PgCount

Cover Pencils: Gene Ha (signed), Cover Inks: Gene Ha (signed)

Story Inks: Michael Babinski, Story Script: Eric S. Trautmann, Story Pencils: Eric S. Trautmann, Story Colors: Don Kramer, Story Letters: Travis Lanham

Genre: Superhero

Characters: Justice Society of America [JSA; Amazing-Man [Markus Clay]; Citizen Steel [Nathan Heywood]; Cyclone [Maxine Hunkel]; Damage [Grant Emerson]; Dr. Mid-Nite [Pieter Cross]; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Hourman [Rick Tyler]; Jakeem Thunder [Jakeem Williams]; Judomaster [Sonia Sato]; Liberty Belle [Jesse Chambers]; Lightning [Jennifer Pierce]; Magog [David Reid]; Mr. America [Jeffrey Graves]; Mr. Terrific [Michael Holt; also as White King]; Obsidian [Todd Rice]; Power Girl; Sandman [Sandy Hawkins]; Stargirl [Courtney Whitmore]; Thunderbolt; Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Wildcat [Tommy Bronson]]; Kobra Cult (villains); Ariadne Persakis (villain); Kobra [Jason Burr] (villain)


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