New Avengers Vol 1 29
New Avengers Vol 1 29

New Avengers Vol 1 29

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New Avengers Vol 1 29



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Title: New Avengers, Vol: Vol 1, Issue: 29, Variant:

Publisher: Marvel

On Sale Date: 11 Apr 2007

Page Count: 40

Cover Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu, Cover Inks: Leinil Francis Yu

Story Inks: Leinil Francis Yu, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Leinil Francis Yu, Story Letters: Richard Starkings; Albert Deschesne; Comicraft

Genre: superhero

Characters: New Avengers--Luke Cage; Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Spider-Woman [Jessica Drew]; Dr. Strange; Wolverine; Iron Fist; Ronin [Clint Barton]; GUESTS: Maya Lopez [Echo]; Silver Samurai; Jessica Jones; Wong; Jeryn Hogarth; Dakota North; Brother Voodoo; SHIELD; Mighty Avengers--Iron Man; Ms. Marvel [Carol Danvers]; Sentry; Wonder Man; Wasp [Janet Van Dyne]; Black Widow [Natasha Romanoff]; Ares; VILLAINS: Elektra; The Hand; CAMEOS: The Void; Grim Reaper; Brood; Zeus; Yellowjacket [Hank Pym]; Crimson Dynamo; Captain America (all cameos are Dr. Strange illusions)


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