The Flash Vol 1 300 Newsstand VF/NM
The Flash Vol 1 300 Newsstand VF/NM

The Flash Vol 1 300 Newsstand VF/NM

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The Flash Vol 1 300 Newsstand VF/NM



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Title: The Flash, Vol: Vol 1, Issue: 300, Variant: Newsstand

Publisher: DC

On Sale Date: 14 Apr 1981

Page Count: 52

Cover Pencils: Carmine Infantino (signed), Cover Inks: Dick Giordano (signed)

Story Inks: Bob Smith, Story Script: , Story Pencils: , Story Colors: Carmine Infantino, Story Letters: John Costanza

Genre: superhero

Characters: Flash [Barry Allen]; Dr. Petrou; Dr. Fredrick Wyngarde; The Turtle; Henry Allen; Nora Allen; Flash [Jay Garrick]; Joan Garrick (Cameo); Justice Society of America [Wonder Woman; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; The Atom [Al Pratt]; Dr. Fate [Kent Nelson]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Dr. Midnite [Charles McNider]; Flash [Jay Garrick]] (Earth 2, Cameo); Shade [Richard Swift] (Earth 2, Cameo); Thinker [Clifford DeVoe] (Earth 2, Cameo); Fiddler [Issac Bowin] (Earth 2, Cameo); Vandal Savage (Earth 2, Cameo); Mirror Master [Sam Scudder]; Pied Piper [Hartley Rathaway]; Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness]; Clyde Mardon (Cameo); Weather Wizard [Mark Mardon]; Ira West; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Dexter Myles; New Teen Titans [Kid Flash [Wally West]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Cyborg [Victor Stone]] (Cameo); Gorilla Grodd; Solovar (Cameo); Abra Kadabra; Heat Wave [Mick Rory]; Captain Cold [Len Snart]; Golden Glider [Lisa Snart]; The Top [Roscoe Dillon]; Elongated Man [Ralph Dibney]; Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]; Sue Dibnet (Cameo, picture on book cover); Mr. Element [Al Desmond]; Dr. Alchemy [Al Desmond]; Rita Desmond; Trickster [James Jesse]; Rainbow Raider [Roy Bivolo]; Reverse Flash [Professor Adrian Zoom]; Iris Allen; Wally Summers; Sasha Summers; Jeffrey Summers;


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